Welcome to the new Q-VO II Magazine.




Welcome to the new Q-VO II Magazine. Our new look will continue to travel the times of universal past, present and future. Universal history of humankind as a whole; a fountainhead of unique perceptive that chronicles of Latinos, Chicanos, and our history from the beginnings of the written world of Andalucía to Tenochtitlan; the foundation of Enlightenment and our culture; the same time honored history with words taken from of its original creation; who’s origins date back from the 1890’S, 1970, 1976, 1979, 1994 and 2012.

Q-VO II will still feature the culture of “Cars as Art” and the stunning Mexican, Chicano, and Latino elegance of our unique multi-generational women.

We will feature fashion, wheels, and babes, but we also believe that in the midst of our current cultural challenges we would be remiss to not add a generous portion to Social Political, and cultural content.

Our reader’s consist of the varied Latino culture population of the U.S, which includes the Working Class, and aspiring Middle Class. QVO II will be the standard for current trends and will be leaders in the Global Marketplace. This growth comes from the original years of Q-VO.

Now, as in the past, Q-VO II and the Latino Community will rise to the occasion on a grand scale. In review, we must look at Low Rider magazine as an example our communities and the everyday life of those giving back to those same communities.

Low-Rider Magazine started as a grass roots vision that rode the Global Halcyon and became a glitzy sexualized feast of Auto Street, and machine culture. The early vision of publication like Low Rider, Q-VO, and FIRME are the cornerstone of the 20th and 21st century of the Chicano, Mexican, and Latino cultural spirit; influenced by the Veterano’s of Social, Artistic, and Political leaders, dating back over the last two hundred years.

Since its inception, Q-VO readers were fueled by our red, white, and green; Q-VO II will continue this, with pride.

So, feast your eyes on our new look, and our new attitude! Including, show cars, babes galore, artists, and humor. We at Q-VO II desire to be your #1 magazine for trending, which speaks to our past, our present, and our future.

Benjamin Francisco Hernandez

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